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My travels take me all over the state of North Carolina, an over the years I've been developing a list of barbeque joints.  Everyone has heard of Lexington #1, but I've found some gems that are a little out of the way.

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Hendrix Barbeque - Salisbury, NC

It's not much to look at from the outside, but this is a pretty good place.  I stumbled upon it while heading to a business meeting.  I had some time to kill and it was towards the end of the lunch rush, so I decided to give it a try.

The parking lot and restaurant were packed -- always a good sign.  I took a seat at the counter.  The menu was pretty straightforward, and I ordered the pull pork "tray." for .75.  What followed was a huge serving of pork barbeque and slaw.

They didn't provide any sauce at the table other than the obligatory bottle of Texas Pete.  Either they thought their barbeque didn't need any sauce, or it was just an oversite.  After the first bite I realized it didn't need sauce.  Very tender and moist, with no fatty taste and just the right amount of hickory smoke.  This was true Lexington Style barbeque.

The slaw was the typical Lexington Style freezer slaw with a red tint.  I may have liked it as much as the barbeque. 

The lunch counter wasn't designed well.  There was almost no knee room to sit at the counter.  And the inside of the restaurant had a heavy cigarette smoke smell in both sections.  I also thought the "One Free Refill on Soft Drinks" sign and policy were a bit tacky.  My Diet Coke was mostly ice.

The staff was very friendly and efficient.  I had my order within a few minutes.  Even at 1:30PM, the place was hopping.

They had a huge drive up window, and they claim to have the best breakfast in town.  That would certainly be worth trying...

From I-85, get off at the Salisbury exit and go through town on Innes.  After you've gone through the built up section of town, this place will be on your right.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5 pigs.

The Q Shack - Durham, NC

People either love or hate this place.  It's gotten vastly different reviews in triangle.dining.  I come down on the love side.

This isn't an NC style barbeque joint, although they do a good job on pulled pork.  The St. Louis style ribs are outstanding, if not a little expensive. And their chili rubbed brisket can be absolutely out of this world.

You order at the counter and take your meal to a picnic table on a tray.  Soft drinks, tea, and silverware are available at a station next to the counter.  There are picnic tables set up inside, on a covered patio in the back, and a few tables on the sidewalk in front.  The prices are a little hefty (you'll spend around for lunch), but the quantities are great and the meal is worth it.  They've got a few televisions in the inside area, and they have several beers on tap.

Each table has a roll of paper towels, as well as a variety of sauces.  The "His Sauce" is a western style barbeque sauce, while the "Her Sauce" is the eastern style.  These appear to be homemade at the restaurant, and while passable are not something I'd bottle. 

The have a wide variety of sides, incuding hush puppies and onion rings.  The slaw is the creamy variety -- good, but not on par with some of the Lexington places.  The best side is the /home/free/cgi-bin/util/sitebuilder.25 jalapeno deviled eggs.  Yum!

To get to this place, take 15-501 North and when it forks to the business route follow the business route to the end.  The Q Shack is on your right behind the Subway right after Pao Lim.

My rating: 4 out of 5 pigs.

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